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Film scores and Workshops

Hello there,

Just a couple of things –

Tonight, being Thursday the 18th of September (that terrible anniversary of the death of Jimi,) I will be performing the live musical score, on 5 string banjo, to the film “Blind Justice (1916)” at the State Library in Melbourne.  Starts at 7pm.

here’s the film, including the score by Neil Brand that I will be working from loosely:

And here’s some info on the chap that wrote the music:

So that should be fun.

THEN on Saturday at 11am, at the Cricket Pavilion in Guildford I’ll be holding my patented workshops on Jazz chords for the 5 string banjo as part of the Guildford Banjo Jamboree.  This year will certainly be different from the previous years, with a more casual, conversational approach focused on the beginner player.

After that I am going surfing at a secret location for a week.  But I’ll be back with more banjo after the holidays.

Bye now!


Is there anything sadder than a dead blog?

Well, perhaps. Lost puppy? Fry’s dog in Futurama? Losing community TV?

Ok so dead blogs maybe aren’t the saddest thing humanity has to offer.

nevertheless, I am re-invigorating my blog with blah with the idea that it might become a regular thing.

It’s been a while and there’s been a massive shift in focus and energy for me personally. Lately I have been playing for Zeptepi (See here – ) and we’ve been very busy.
Also, I am now teaching, like, for a living, at A&B Music (See here – ) and I have been fairly sedentary in recent years.

So stay tuned for many bloggy adventures. I’ll try to make them brief, action packed and entertaining. Or failing that verbose and vitriolic.

Mmmm words….

Oh one last thing – September 19-21 2014 – BANJO JAMBOREE at GUILDFORD!! I’ll be doing a workshop on Jazz chords and theory on the 5 string banjo. this year it will be a bit more casual, conversational and much simpler with less content and more focus on chords.

See you there!!