Post Jambo/Pre Summer

Hello folks

Where was I?  I seem to get very distracted these days and neglect my blogging.   What a bad modern citizen I am.

So let’s do a quick recap:

Film Score gig for State Library.  What a hoot that was!   One of the best, nicest gigs I think I have ever played in Australia.  Over an hour of solid concentrated engagement with a listening audience who forgot I was there.  This makes a change form the usual Australian audiences, who are by definition a drinking, NON-listening audience who IGNORE that you are there.  But it was very challenging to get it right, especially with no accompaniment to hide behind!  At the end the staff at the library were so kind and many people in the audience took the time to thank me personally for, and I’m quoting one of my favorite quotes of the night here “creating the difference between seeing a film and having and experience!”  Yeah….good times, as Matt McKenzie from Stompdog would say!

Ok, next item in the minutes – The Guildford Banjo Jamboree – another great effort from Jan and the crew.  I don’t think I have ever been to a jambo so utterly sleep deprived as i was.  But now i know I can play a lot of songs without the need for consciousness.  I’m sure this is a skill I’ll need later on down the track.  my workshops were well appreciated…or so i was told.  It did seem a bit quieter than other years and I noticed a lot more contemporary folk players more so than trad ones this year.  And that’s both a good and a bad thing.  But I had a lot of fun!  Met some great crew from around the traps and as far away as Mornington Peninsula.  Oh, and I completely wussed out on the River challenge.  If I get any younger next year I’ll have another crack at it.

Then we went off on that holiday.  Was there any surf?  Well, yes.  But there was also a great big shark swimming around about ten feet from the shore.  I was going to hassle him for waves.  And that was on the only day we had with surfable waves!  Still, good fun and we had many, many encounters with possums, kangaroos and Lace Monitors.  (That’s what the Herpetologists call goannas.)

Ok, so that brings us to the great and fleeting NOW.

The Australian Musician did an interview on me!  Here’s the link….

Rex Hardware at Federation Uni Live, otherwise known as Live On Lydiard 53 has got some clips of me playing solo.  I can provide a comprehensive list of all mistakes i made upon request.  Just so you are prepared when watching the links.  Here they are:



So what’s coming up?  Zeptepi gigs are being locked down for next year.  Also, stay tuned, because the band that never existed – the BLACK SWANS OF TRESPASS has new phantom line up and will be debuting this Sunday at Cowrie Market!

I’ll be in touch.  Watch this space.  Keep on plucking.