Here’s what you need  to know:

I play banjo.  All styles, all genres.
I play bluegrass, ALL jazz styles, blues, Mento (it’s like reggae, but folky.  google it!,) classical, Irish, English, Australian trad & contemporary, and EVERY THING ELSE, literally, every kind of music – on banjo.
I play acoustic and electric banjo.
I’m the only – DEDICATED – electric banjo player in Australia.  Not a banjo with a pick up, an actual proper solid bodied electric banjo.

I’ve done stuff.  Loads of stuff.  I’ve toured the US, the UK and all over Australia solo and with bands.  Blah blah blah.  I still do stuff.  Also, I will definitely continue to do some pretty amazing stuff in the future.

I’ve studied.  I was the first 5 string Banjo player in Australia to do a diploma of Jazz and Contemporary music.
I am studying!  In 2016 I received a scholarship to study banjo at the Hobart Conservatorium, in Tasmania.  So I moved there.  I now live, very happily, in Hobart.  Hobart is the best city in Australia.
I also teach and make my living teaching music and banjo, and also Ukulele.

I hate bios, and “about me” sections.  Bios are for people who hate listening to music.  What do we sound like?  Describe the band?  What artists do you sound like?  Here’s an idea – you listen, then you tell me.

Have a look around and explore the site if you want to know more.  You can also message me on Facebook.  Just search for CC Thornley.  And don’t forget to like!  Banjos love likes.


cc framed 1


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