I play with a few other bands regularly, and do a fair bit of session work too…
If you need banjo on a track, especially if it’s something new or creative that your average “bluegrassy” banjo player might struggle with, please drop me a line!  I love working on other people’s stuff.
Message me on the ol’ Facebooks!

If you want to hear some of the work I’ve done fairly recently check out these guys:

ZEPTEPI – I love playing with these guys. They caused a massive revolution in the way I approach the banjo. Unique folk rock sound and great songwriting. It’s an honour and pleasure to play with them. Here’s Haul Away Joe that we recorded in Jan 2013:


CC STRUTTERS – My new Trad Jazz project.  Banjo, upright bass, trad drum kit, sax, clarinet and keys.   Recordings on their way!