The Wolfe & Thorn

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This is the most traditional form of banjo playing I do.  Wolfe & Thorn is a duo consisting of myself and the amazingly talented Emily Wolfe on fiddle.

We play traditional folk music with occasional twists.  An outlet for our mutual passion for folk & heritage music, Wolfe & Thorn play music from Tasmania, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, England, Jamaica, as well as traditional standards of Jazz, bluegrass and classical.

A great cheap option for venues wanting a low cost, high quality, good energy act.

There’s nothing that quite matches the charm of the combination of violin and banjo!


Here’s some unedited, desk recordings of rehearsals of the material that will be on our new album….

From Convict fiddler Alexander Laing, c. 1820’s

From Great Grandfather of fat rich bastard Frank Packer, written to commemorate the arrival of the USS Curacao in Hobart c.1880’s