New recordings available!

We’ve finally finished the Mentolist’s first demo.  Here’s link!

There’s new works coming from Wolfe & Thorn real soon!!!  Like, really really soon.  Like…hang on….oh no, maybe not that soon.  But soon!!!

BIG thanks to Nicky Bomba, Bustamento & the FOV crew for having me guest with them!  What a great night!!  It’s surreal when you play a gig with one of your biggest influences.  I’m kind of tripping out a little.

Ok that’s all for now.  If you want more regular updates head on over to FB and like us up, or just hassle me.



Rektango Video!

Here’s some video from the recent stint at Rektango we did.





Rektango pics!

Recently the Black Swans of Trespass had the honor of being invited to perform for a month at the prestigious Hobart live music  event REKTANGO.

Here are some pics, and later some video, from that event!

Over the weeks we played we had a fill-in drummer (Al Tolond) and bass player (Sasha Gavlek) for a show each.


More MWF pics

So, what you’re not seeing is the crowd!  When a band takes a photo they are extremely conscious about getting the crowd in the shot.  But when the crowd takes a photo, they don’t think about the crowd, just the band – because THEY ARE the crowd!

Anyway, this was was packed and the place was jumping!  Hopefully some will surface with the crowd soon!  More pics are coming in!

If you took pics of that night, let us know, and we’ll post ’em!

Big thanks to pro photographer Rachel Daniels for these ones.

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Rachael’s Website


Mid Year Update

Hi there.

Been doing some great gigs with the BSoT lately.  Thanks to the efforts of Paul Sharp, and new drummer Lawrence Churches.

We’ve also seen the launch of a new Trad Jazz project, The CC Strutters.

And there’s yet another folkie ensemble taking shape out there.  Emily Wolfe from the Tasmanian Heritage Fiddle Ensemble and I are teaming up to do some of the other side of Trad music.

There is talk of a recording of the BSoT as well.  Exciting times!

Oh, and I have been doing a radio show on Edge Radio, 99.3fm.  6pm Every Friday.  It’s called “The Naked Folks,” and it’s about folk music.  And it’s podcasted!! You can listen anytime, anywhere.

here, have a link!
And some others…

Here’s the view of the audience from Saturday’s gig at the HBC.  (Note avuncular facial growth.)


Here’s our view of the audience…