A Word Regarding Facebook

I made the decision today, earlier than anticipated, to pull out of Facebook, and I want to explain why, and what my plans are for promotion going forward.

Ever since I signed up CC Thornley as a page to FB, we’ve had nothing but issues. Here are the key ones.

1. Paying for ads.
We have paid for an ad twice on FB. It was a huge mistake. Way back in the day, when they brought in pay-to-share, we tried it out. We paid $5 and overnight got 400 followers. Amazing!!
ALL of these new fans were from Korea. Every single one of them. Within one month, ALL of those profiles had disappeared. We paid FB $5 to give us 400 fake likes from bot profiles for one month. Technically we got what was offered by FB. We got more “likes.” Great.
The second time was to promote a great folk musician coming to Tasmania. this was sometime later, and now their model had changed. We could no longer pay directly for “likes.” Instead, we had to pay FB for the privilege of sharing our posts to our own friends. I spent around $25 for a week’s worth of sharing one post. FB would post it in “target groups” twice a day for 7 days. At the end of that period, FB did not cancel the ad like I had signed up for it to do, very clearly, in the contract. FB kept charging us for an ad regarding a specific date, long after that date passed.
There was NO WAY to change this, no way to dispute it, or fix the error. I even went so far as to call the ACCC. They did not care. I actually had to cancel my card, and to this day, FB is STILL trying to charge us for the ad.
That was in 2015.

Image result for thief online

Needless to say, I swore off ever giving FB money again.
The problem is, the amount of effort you have to put in to get just the smallest amount of promotion is immense. Basically, if I want, say, 10 engagements with a post, I have to post it on every page I run (They are CC, BSoT and Wolfe & Thorn, as well as my personal page, ) multiple times. I have to also post it directly to friends who will let me. I also have a huge list of “target groups” that I post everything on. Curiously, on all the Australian pages – that is every single one, we get ZERO engagement. We get completely ignored by the music community. We get way more engagement from the UK & US groups. For the average band poster I put up, there’s anything from 30-60mins making it, depending on how inpsired or complex I wanna make it, then I have to do the posting. That takes up to two hours. For EVERY post. For ZERO engagement.
So the moral of tha story is, either pay & get ripped off, or don’t pay and get buried.

2. The Community
For a very long time now it’s been very obvious that FB is clearly biased to Right Wing groups, especially American ones. My first ban was pointing out to a Muslim hate group page that their calling for Muslim children to be burnt alive was unAmerican. I got a week ban for attacking a minority group. Americans. What was i doing on the Muslim hate page? It was in my feed, suggested to me. For some weird reason. I’ve also been banned for posting a FB page for a Cafe I liked. It was “prohibited content.”
Apart from my small circle of friends, the vast amount of the FB community are racist, hate-mongering, extremely ignorant, wildly hypocritical. This is because a normal person will have one account. A hard core Right Wing Nut Job will have 30 accounts. See: Angus Taylor, Will Hodgman’s LNP staffers, Craig Kelly, Jeff Kennett etc etc. These guys do this as a matter of course, and FB not only does nothing about, it actively encourages these people to use FB and to do it in this way. The LNP was busted in the last election in Tasmania, red-handed, doing exactly this as part of its primary campaign strategy. They buy staffers a bunch of disposable phones, they set up FB accounts and start hijacking pages. An avalanche of RWNJ’s is really just 2 or 3, but because of multiple accounts, they seem like hundreds. And FB knows they do this, they were busted doing this, and FB did nothing at all.
But that’s not our “target group.” In fact, these are the members of the FB community we try and avoid. It’s a bit hard when most FB users are them though.
Not only is the bulk of the FB community fake RWNJ profiles, but there is a huge number of extremely sensitive people, like the guy that reproted me for disagreeing with burning Muslim children, these guys will spam the shit out that report button, and FB will act on that report immediately. If you are left-leaning and complain about such threats, nothing will happen. FB knows who their “target group” is.

Image result for muslim hate groups online
This is fine
Image result for muslim hate groups online
This has been banned by Facebook for going against community standards. That placard is flipping America the bird!!! WTF!?!?!?! REPORTED!!!!

3. The name.
Years ago I set up the CC Thornley page. CC Thornley IS my real, actual name. It’s on my birth certificate, my license. It’s my name. When i set up the page, I did it on my old profile, that, a few years later, for all the reasons above regarding the community and dodgy business rip-offs, I left FB, but kept the CC page going. But I still needed to have an account to post to the page. FB would not let me use my old profile to do this, so I had to make a fake one. Someone reported that, the profile got banned, so I made another one.

(Was going to post an image of the CC FB page here, BUT FB WON’T ALLOW IT!!!)

Because I had the CC page, FB refused to accept it was my name. So I signed up with Miranda Boutros Jerk Salad, and just to see what would happen, I put my gender as female. (What happened when I did that is another, very interesting story about how women and men are treated VERY differently online.) Miranda got reported as a fake profile after 6 months. So I signed up again, as Estrogenia Gruntfuddock. Each of these names checked out as real by FB, whereas my REAL, GENUINE, PROVABLE, BONA FIDE name, was not! I would log in, post on the CC page, and log out. Eventually I got fed up, and bailed. There’s a lot of reasons I did this, and I’ll go in to it later. Point being, FB offered me nothing as a musician, or as user. It was dodgy, difficult and toxic.
Years later I went to the Conservatorium and I was forced to re-sign back up with FB because it is how the Con organized ensemble group chats. I hated doing this. I chose the Carl Thorn name, because it was closest to CC Thornley. About every week I did a post explaining that my name was not Carl Thorn, but CC Thornley, because people were booking me to play as Carl Thorn.
What does this tell me?
It tells me that even though I had a professional music page, NOBODY engaged with it. Even though they were booking from the Carl Thorn page, they did not even engage with the regular posts explaining NOT TO BOOK ME AS CARL THORN, why things were the way they were, including links to my website, FB page, bandcamp etc.
Completely 100% ignored.
This has been an ongoing, never ending head ache, and there is NOTHING I can do to solve it. I signed up very early with the CC page. Around the time Myspace went kaput. And signing up as a musician/music page was a BIG mistake. FB refuses to accept any ID regarding my name. I cannot change it. So I live in Limbo, waiting for the next cancellation due to having a fake name. There is NO ONE I can contact about this, there is no way to fix it. Since Myspace. That’s how long it’s been going on.

4. Suicide by Facebook
Here’s the really, really weird thing. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY uses FB. For some people the experience of the internet begins and ends with FB. There is nothing outside of FB, and anything they need is gotten via FB, no matter what it is. All their apps are linked in to it, every search they do on a business is done via FB. It is the be-all and end-all of being online.
And yet, NO ONE uses FB. No one engages with posts, no one reads the articles.
Let me explain what I mean.
The very first thing we get told by the venue we’re gigging at is “make a FB event and share it!!” Which we duly do. We make a pretty pic, put all the details in, and post it. We attach the venue as a co-host.
What happens next is…….nothing. The venue ignores it. They don’t accept the co-host. (They asked us for this, remember.) We try to post on their page. If it needs approval, it usually doesn’t get it. It doesn’t get rejected. Just ignored. If it DOES make it to the page, the punters ignore it. We post on our pages. They get buried. We tag fans and friends in the event. It gets ignored.
Why do we have to engage with a toxic profile that no one engages with, but everyone is on, and refuse to use anything else?
“When are you guys playing next? You have to post it on FB!” I hear this ALL THE TIME. We do post on FB. Every gig, multiple times.
What difference does it make?
There’s a perception that is we aren’t on FB, we’re invisible. And to a degree, it’s correct. For a long time I have felt the pressure of FB. We have no other alternative than to use it.
However, we’re actually invisible when we’re ON Facebook.
I have to ask myself the following questions:
– Is it worth it? Is the amount of time I give to FB promoting events getting a result? Is it worth spending two hours spamming a poster to get one or two likes.
– Is it making me happy? Hell no. I hate it. I hate the algorithms that put shit in my feed. I hate the fact that right wing idiots can spend what is loose change to them, but actually the cost of a house to me, to put their propaganda crap in my feed when I know very well it’s all lies. I hate it with a passion. I hate it the same way I hate Kochie and the Morning TV crew. Like I hate listening to Tradie Radio.

I could really go on, but why bother? I have decided to cancel FB today. I am done with it. So if you see a post on those FB pages, it ain’t me. From now on, everything I do will be on this site, and soon it will be migrated to a new website. But that’s the way things are going to go now. The amount of work I put in for the return is ridiculous.


February shows…

It’s a funny old February. Seems like a lot of gigs, but three are on the same day! Here’s my recommendations.

I’m a bit late so I missed a couple. But going forward, the first one from this post is the 17th at UTAS. That’s a solo “background” music kind of thing. Just me and Plunktron, the electric banjo. Come have lunch.

Then, 19th, Friday, the small room BSoT trio jazzifunk it out at the Providence. A nice cerebral jazz club style dinner and show. Be sure to book for that one, the room is very small.
Phone 0414 679 006

Then it’s the big day. What a killer! The 4 piece BSoT play their very best outsider electric banjo jazz at the Clarence Jazz Festival, 2pm, kunanyi stage.
Then the Clarence Council VIP Limousine whisks us off to the Playground stage for the Mentolists at 4pm. You can get a lift with us but no poo stickers and don’t let that one Councillor see your CTD flags…. 😉

THEN…. no sleep til bedtime…. we head down the valley for the Wolfe & Thorn at the Franklin Folk Club, 8pm, Franklin.

So take your pick. You like old school classic BSoT? Or perhaps you want to skank with some horns to the Mentolists, or prefer the quieter tea and bickies for the more rustic acoustic trad vibe with Wolfe & Thorn. Saturday has you covered.

Then we have the Vibrance Street Festival on the 26th. This will be one of those funky little vibrant Hobart gigs. Come in and be a citizen. Here’s the info for that one:


The day after, 27th, we take the Mentolists in to Pablo’s to jazz out some of the ska material. Pablo’s is a small place, so it won’t be a big stomping gig, more jazz orientated, exploring the nuances of composers like Drummond, Mittoo, Ranglin and the Jamaican gang. At least, I hope.

As we go forward into the year, there are some gigs lining up, and some are sure to come in real soon, we’ll let you know as soon as they do. We have just confirmed some bush dances and I’ll let you know when that’s coming up next month. It’s a fair way off yet, don’t worry! The Wolfe & thorn Podcast wrapped up season 1, and Emily and I are now working on the 2nd album, and will commence season 2 after that. There’s been some developments on the Mentolists front, so expect to hear a bit more from that band coming up.

Oh, and one more thing, yes, lessons are starting up. If you wanna start, resume or get some advice, drop us an email carlos@thebsot.com

Hooroo now, hooroo…

January Gig Recommendations

Well, it’s over. 2020, Xmas, NYE’s… But there’s no holidays for us yet!

Here’s the recommendations for January gigs for all things CC, BSoT, W&T and others…

At Willie Smiths, we’re doing the PM Sunday session. 1-4pm, dinner and show. A great venue for family and kids. Willie’s has a really nice summer garden and an excellent menu. Show will be mostly “listneing,” but you can dance if you want. Nevertheless, a great gig for the family or friends to sit, eat and simply listent to the music.

January 8th at the Repub: A late start party gig in the hard rock pub tradition. Not a great one for kids, but a terrific one for youth gangs! Adults of all ages as well. There tends to be a large dance space for this slot at the repub, so if you want to see us in a comfy, lounge type setting you can sit down and be all cerebral in this is probably not the gig. However, if you have some energy and want the full high octane all cylinders firing BSoT show, including hilarious off-color commentary and utterly blistering banjo solos, this is the one!

Monday the 11th we hit MONA. The large out door stage. the perfect gig for a picnic with the kids and family. Lots of space to explore so if the kids fail to appreciate my genius on the banjo (shakes fist) there’s loads of places to run and explore. MONA has a cafe too. If the weather is great, this is a good afternoon gig to relax to, but of course there’s loads of room to dance on the grass as well.

Monday the 18th – Private wedding. NO! NO SOUP FOR YOU!

23rd Saturday we debut at the Cascade Brewery. This will have a similar vibe to the MONA gig, so family and kids will be comfortable there, but there’ll also be the chance to dance muck around with the band too. Great restaurant at the Cascade, so plenty of opportunity foods and drinks in the garden.

There’s some pretty exciting developments over February that I will let you know about once we’re closer, but keep an eye at for Feb 1Monday for the Mentolists at MONA!

Hope you had a good season and your wallet and health aren’t too mashed. See you about ol’ Hobart town folks! Merry New Happy long time!

December gig recommendations!

Hi everybody!

I thought take a moment to let you know about some gigs over the Xmas period. We’ve been extremely busy what with our regular schedule, Xmas break-up parties, THFE end-of-year concert and the new Wolfe & Thorn Podcast. So I’ve been a bit too busy to really give each show the attention in publicity it deserves, and due to some venues still in seating limitations it’s difficult to know which ones we can push and ones we can’t.

But here’s my recommendations for the coming weeks:

THIS FRIDAY (Dec 18th) The BSoT (trio, no Emily!) are playing at the Providence.

This is a small venue, with excellent food, and won’t be a loud one. It’s a sit-down/dinner & show style gig and we’ll be playing at “cerebral” cafe levels. Seating might be limited as the venue is small, so booking is a good idea.

THE WEEKEND – we’re off to Bruny Island for a big private party. Sorry!!! Invites only for that one.

Then Xmas. What are you doing? Go hang with your family, you don’t need us hangin’ around!

After Xmas –
Check out this event running over the Xmas/NYE interim period, you know, that bit where you’ve done the Santa thing, recovered on Boxing day then twiddle your thumbs until the 31st roll around…
The Hanging Gardens in Murray street is putting on this terrific event!
Check it out here:

On Monday 28th, the Wolfe & Thorn will be doing a lunch session starting at 11.30am. Perfect for a midday food & music event. (Don’t forget the podcast if you want a taste of what Emily & I Do in the Wolfe & Thorn, and just imagine less talk and exploding robots, more banjo and fiddle.)

Then, on Tuesday 29th, the epic BLACK SWANS OF TRESPASS will kick off at 5.30pm for the dinner BBQ! I’m really looking forward to this one, as it feels like the perfect favorite vibe for the BSoT. Not too loud, not too soft, great conversation and food and maybe a little space to dance without people being to off their face!

Speaking of faces, here’s their FB:

Then it’s no sleep till bedtime on NYE at the Scamander Resort! The management have made a bit of a change – it’s now FREE!!!! No need to book, just rock between 9 and 11 to see us rock out in full BSoT glory.

When the NYE dust settles, it’s another dinner & show at Willie’s on January 3rd, Sunday, as the BSoT returns to the famous Apple shed!

So that’s my recommendations for all things CC Banjo this holiday period. I hope to see you there, somewhere!

Buy all our play-sets and toys!

Well it’s been quite the week at BSoT head quarters. A new podcast over at The Wolfe & Thorn, numerous behind-the-scene rehearsals and auditions (yes, we’re getting new members! AND the Mentolists are being reformed.)

The Wolfe & Thorn are doing a new album but we also have a gig at the Burning Desire festival, at St David’s Church – the perfect place of Tassie Heritage music! This is going to be a special gig and tickets are selling fast, so you wanna book sooner rather than later, see link:


The BIG announcement is that the Black Swans of Trespass now have T-Shirts and Long Sleeves! Stocks are very limited! They will be available at all our gigs and also can be ordered by request through our facebook page or message me directly at carlos@thebsot.com.

They are $30 each. We have Medium, Large and XXL sizes in T’s. In long sleeves we have Large and XXL.

Here they are:

This has prompted a review of our Merchandise table! You might also be interested to know that the limited edition Wolfe’s Road Sessions double EP is down to only 65 copies and will not go into a re-print. That’s it folks. Physical copies are $10, as are digital ones via bandcamp….

Wolfe & Thorn’s first Album “Tasmanian Heritage Music” is down to just 22 copies. Once they’re sold – THAT’S IT! No reprints. Physical copies are $15, but it is also available digitally….

We also have these fine stickers for just $3

Available at all our gigs or message here or on Facebook.

Our next gig is TONIGHT at the REPUBLIC BAR, Saturday Nov 14th, 8.30pm and all these items will be available!

Hooroo for now!

The Wolfe & Thorn Heritage Fiddle Podcast

Emily Wolfe and I have embarked on a new podcast project. The first pilot episode is up and free to listen to on your computer or phone.

Emily is the fiddle player for the Black Swans of Trespass, the “Wolfe” in the Wolfe & Thorn duo, and the Musical Director of the Hobart Tasmanian Heritage Fiddle Ensemble.

The podcast is us having a chat and playing 5 songs, talking about the songs and various other odd subjects.

Have listen, if you like it give it a share around your social media!


<div id="buzzsprout-large-player-1480549"></div><script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="https://thewolfeandthornpodcast.buzzsprout.com/1480549/6323389-episode-1-the-pilot-episode.js?container_id=buzzsprout-large-player-1480549&player=large"></script>

Podcast can be found on this link…



Gig, next Saturday November 14th at Republic Bar

Hello folks. The Repub have asked back for next Saturday. We’ll have Jack on drums. Here’s a preview of the posters we’ll be facebooking real soon!
Please feel free to chuck ’em around!

Gig tomorrow for the Kingston Hand Made Market’s birthday market as well!

New Wolfe & Thorn album coming along, and Derek from Tomorrow’s Memories has done a little video of me for my entry into the FFT Song & Tune Comp, should be out next week.

I think that’s it.



Oct 2 is another BANDCAMP FRIDAY

It’s Bandcamp Friday.

That means if you buy music from the BLACK SWANS OF TRESPASS this Friday – that is American Friday which starts in about 6hrs from this post, they waive their fees. If you’re in that very rare demographic of Australians who want to support live music and Aussie musicians, now is a good time to buy.

There’s a few recordings to choose from.

There’s the two original Black Swans of Trespass albums – Duttigalla Exile and The Coward’s Songbook are available for pay-what-you-like. They’re old, but they’re good.



There’s also The Wolfe’s Road Sessions, a double EP we recorded in one weekend at the Wolfe Berry Farm. That’s $10.


And there’s also the special 4 song release we did most recently, “The Lockdown Sessions.” That is also $10.



The Wolfe & Thorn album is also available for $15


Cheerio now, and have a very good onya.

The Lockdown Sessions!

Well, I’m not gonna lie, the Covid thing has been a bit disruptive, but it’s also been good. We got back from Vic just in time as the gate closed behind us, and went into lockdown. This gave me an opportunity to follow up on some ideas. I’m working on some new material for the Black Swans of Trespass, but that’s a long game. Wolfe & Thorn are currently rehearsing a new album, with the first session on Thursday next week. There’ll be sneak previews. I want to take my time with it, because I notice that normally we have very limited time & funds on most projects, and the material suffers. Now we have some time to give the material the attention it deserves.


The big news is, the first project is now completed and available on Bandcamp (Art pending,) and Youtube.

The Lockdown Sessions!

I wanted to do a live recording of a performance of songs in our collective repertoire, arranged simply & acoustically and film it. Here are the 4 songs, and a little bit about who is on them and why those songs.

  1. Message to Rudy with Jalen Sutcliffe

I met Jalen in my second year at the Con and immediately knew I had to poach him. He was an incredible performer in the Gospel Choir and soul band. Very inspirational! I had put together a ska ensemble exploring Jamaican jazz, reggae and mento, and Jalen suited this material perfectly. Currently the ska ensemble – The Mentolists is in the garage having a full refit and rebuild. In the meantime i wanted to keep the material fresh with the new line up.

2. Choir Girl with Shanice McLean

When I explain to people that I want to do is have a kick ass reggae/ska band with banjo, most of them struggle with idea. When I say I want to do a Cold Chisel ska tribute band, with banjo, it usually makes things worse. But Shanice got it. She had done a gig with us at the Repub and sung Peter Tosh’s legalize it. She gave it a great character and i wanted to explore that further, and i knew that the acoustic setting of this project would allow that, much better than a full rock band in a busy pub.

We’ve been doing Choir Girl like this in both the BSoT and the Mentolists for a while now. I love Cold Chisel intend to do a lot more of their material as part of a re-invention passion project. But I think the Jamaican style works, and I think about the melody now more a Drummond horn line than a Moss guitar lick. But of course, neither of those a really present in this folksy arrangement. Not bluegrass, not quite mento but definitely inspired by both.

3. None Shall Escape the Judgement with Rudy Matoy Nakaumatou

Rudy brought a lot of energy to performances with the Mentolists, and he really engaged with this tune, which is favorite of mine too. I first was introduced to it by Ernest Ranglin, and later to their original version, Earl Zero, Johnny Clarke etc. So I’ve played it in a lot of different ways. I was aiming for a kind of Neville Chambers/Moses Deans vibe on the melody, but in this setting and key the Arpa flourishes are just too hard to resist.

I love the edge that Rudy brings to this tune. “Joombi” is a word from Queensland. It caused much hilarity in rehearsals, so they kept it! For further details, you’ll have to ask the singers.

Penis. It means penis.


4. Satta Massagana with Jalen Sutcliffe

This tune I think became Jalen’s favorite. The first version I know about was the Abyssinians, but it’s become a Rasta spiritual and a reggae standard. Jalen gives it such a soulful rendition here. Some licks I lifted and adapted from Ranglin’s Below The Bassline version.

It was filmed at Pablo’s Cocktail bar in Hobart. When you’re in town, check it out. They have Jazz there most nights.

The filming was done by Derek Hickman at Tomorrow’s memories Photography.

Ian Parsons is what done the sound. He might have a FB or website somewhere, but otherwise message me an I’ll pass it on.

I’ll speak to you again once the tunneltots are free!

To Victoria!

In a week’s time the BSoT head over to Victoria!  We have a bunch of gigs.  See the poster below…
IF you want some banjo or uke lessons, I’ll be doing one-on-one lessons for A&B Music in Geelong exclusively.  The days are Monday & Tuesday February 24 & 26.
IF you want a violin lesson, or know someone who does, Emily Wolfe will also be available!  AND if you wanna learn about double bass, Paul Sharp will also be doing some bass workshops.
I’ve been pretty much focused on the tour and making arrangements for that so the ol’ Gig Listings page has been a bit slack lately.  Sorry!  I’m about to fix that right now.  And we’ve got a bunch of dates just come in for April and beyond, so keep an eye on it.

It’s gonna be a really exciting year for the BSoT with a couple of major projects in the pipeline.  I’ll let you know as we get closer to them becoming realities.

Our last show before we head off is at the Macq01 Story bar, Sunday, 6.30pm.  This is an excellent time to collect any money we owe you, retrieve the mower, and get the DVD’s back, so pop in say good bye.

We return in March with another month of Sundays, and then we’ll take a break from the Macq01 until August.

Here’s the website for A&B Music.  Be sure to book, as places are limited!

And here’s the poster!  SMALL CORRECTION – The Geelong Central show is now at 12pm FRIDAY, not Saturday.


Tour poster 1